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Cansu Yolcu
Technical translation, website translationas well as CVtranslation, transcripttranslation, diplomatranslation, permittranslation, driver’s license translation, passport translation, visa translationand translation of consulate documents in a high quality manner with the specialized translator and interpreter staff ofCNSTranslation Office and they are delivered to you free from any problem.
AsCNSTranslation, we offer written translation and interpretation service in more than 50 language of the world.
We have adopted it as a principle to provide you with service with our understanding of reliable and high quality translation and fast delivery with our specialized translator staff.
We offer you, as our valuable customers, sworn, notarized and Apostil translation of your documents in line with your requirements within a corporate discipline.
We are able to meet your translation requirements in the administrative, commercial, financial, legal, literal, academic, medical and all other fields professionally.

Our firm is also a member of KAİSDER (Association of Women Employers and Industrialists).

Thank you for your interest in our translation services that we will offer based on the privacy principle.

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